Personal Resurrection

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I grew up a Catholic.  As an adult I have found organized religions both fascinating and exasperating.  Lately I am increasingly open to learning from all faiths.

This past Easter weekend I spent some reflective time at my church, The Lincoln Memorial.  I know, I am dork.  I grew up loving politics, teaching politics and befriending people who seek to change the world through the political process.

But the Lincoln “Temple” as it is called reminds me of the power of personal growth and development.  More importantly, how that growth and development can transcend one man and inculcate an entire people, albeit slowly but surely.  Lincoln evolved and never stopped learning.  He was far from perfect, but he listened and trusted his intuition.

In life coaching we always talk about how there are no mistakes.  Well, I mean, come on.  Yes there are.

The mistakes we make are the ones from which we do not learn and grow.  Lincoln and his era personifies the deep introspection that was and is needed to usher in a new birth of freedom…a resurrection of sorts.

How can you usher in your own “new birth of freedom” this week?  Let’s call it your personal resurrection plan.  Be specific and hold yourself accountable.  Imagine the change you can create beyond your own life.  That is powerful!

And if you are having trouble getting started, hire a coach!


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